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Disabling Safe Sleep in OS X

Posted on July 9, 2007
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I’ve had problems with my MacBook hanging with an empty black screen after waking up from sleep. This usually happens when I make it go to sleep by closing the lid and later wake it up by opening it (approximately 20% of the time). Closing the lid, waiting until the sleep light starts slowly blinking […]

OS X Mouse Wheel Support for Flex 2 Applications

Posted on July 6, 2007
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Note: This version of this solution is deprecated. I’ve made a separate post about the new version, which you can find here. In my current job I have been programming user interfaces for applications that display networks of data (as in nodes, links etc.) with the Adobe Flex framework, and the UI paradigm I have […]

Changing Application Settings in OS X Based on (Network) Location

Posted on July 5, 2007
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I Generally use my laptop in three different locations: At home At work, in my employer’s main building At work, in the building of a partner organization Changing application settings manually every time I arrive at a new location gets tiring really, really fast. The location settings you can create in OS X can specify […]