Monthly archive for April 2008:

Mac OS X Mouse Wheel Support for ActionScript 3 Flash Applications (v.2+)

Posted on April 26, 2008
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So I’ve finally updated the solution I’ve made earlier for enabling Mac OS X mouse wheel support in Flex applications to a second version. I didn’t want to continue adding stuff into the original post, so I decided to write a separate post just for this new version. As you can see from the title, […]

Automatic, Periodic Syncing with iSync

Posted on April 17, 2008
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The first time I decided I wanted to start synchronizing my cell phone’s calendar and address book with my Mac’s, I noticed how iSync doesn’t have a system of automatically invoking the synchronization procedure between regular intervals. I wanted to have the sync invoked automatically every 30 minutes, so I figured I had to do […]