descriptionSimple Qt-based Markdown editor for OS X, Windows and Linux.
ownerAli Rantakari
last changeSat, 26 Oct 2013 22:14:20 +0300
19 months ago Ali Rantakari Fix packaging to use Qt 5.1.1 default tip
23 months ago Ali Rantakari Add missing Windows DLLs to installer setup.
23 months ago Ali Rantakari Add retina support metadata to Info.plist
2013-02-13 Ali Rantakari Remove the "file opened" message.
2013-02-06 Ali Rantakari Capitalize the "Look Up ?word?" menu item correctly.
2013-02-06 Ali Rantakari Support the OS X dictionary popup.
2013-02-06 Ali Rantakari Save view positions when quitting.
2013-02-05 Ali Fix copyright year in license file.
2013-02-05 Ali Fix Windows packaging for Qt 5.
2013-02-05 Ali Use std::min/max instead of MIN/MAX.
19 months ago 9b4f544e8316 default