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LaunchList is a small OS X application you can use to quickly and easily open a bunch of stuff (i.e. applications, files, folders and web pages) at the same time. See my blog post about it for more info. Here's a screenshot:

You can:
Source code is available in a Git repository (click here to show/hide):

Latest Version:

Version 0.8      →    Download
August 27, 2009


  • Added preference "Remember checkbox states" which, when selected, will retain the states of all the checkboxes in the item list for the next time you run this particular launcher.
  • When application bundles are dragged into the list, insert only the name of the application into the list (instead of the full path to it) if the application can be found by the LaunchList application in the same path it was dragged from, using only its name.
  • Made the icons of items in the list appear much quicker as black-and-white when "launch" is selected and the list becomes disabled.
  • Note to developers: I rebased most of the commits in the Git repository on 27 Aug to fix something in a previous commit message (and to get rid of a merge). I know this is super annoying, and I apologize if anyone has cloned the repo and was inconvenienced by this.

Older Versions:

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Latest Version (0.8):

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