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Tagger is a small application for OS X that can be used for quickly adding arbitrary textual tags to files. Here's a screenshot:


It uses the OpenMeta system for saving tags, so the tags you add with it will be readable (and editable) by all the other applications that support OpenMeta.



You tell Tagger which file(s) you want to tag when launching it. There are several ways to do this:

When you're done editing the tags, you can:


How do I find files I've tagged?

There are several ways to find files tagged with OpenMeta tags:

Tagging files from any AppleScript-supporting application

Examples of Front Application Icons

Screenshot If a given application has an AppleScript dictionary, it is possible for Tagger to ask that application for files to tag whenever Tagger is launched with that application at the front. This can be done by writing a front application script for that application and installing it into Tagger. See here for more information about front application scripts.

Source code is available in a Git repository (click here to show/hide):

Latest Version:

Version 1.2.9      →    Download
October 02, 2011


  • Fixed issue where opening files in Tagger while the app was running (by e.g. dragging the files on top of the app icon, or via the open command) did not update the user interface to reflect this.
  • Fixed issue where the same file could be opened for tagging multiple times during the same invocation of the app.

Older Versions:

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Latest Version (1.2.9):

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