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ANSIEscapeHelper is an Objective-C class for dealing with ANSI escape sequences. Its main purpose is to translate between NSStrings that contain ANSI escape sequences and similarly formatted NSAttributedStrings.

Here's a quick and simple example of how you'd most likely want to use this class:

AMR_ANSIEscapeHelper *ansiEscapeHelper =
    [[[AMR_ANSIEscapeHelper alloc] init] autorelease];

// display an ANSI-escaped string in a text view:
NSString *ansiEscapedStr =
    @"Let's pretend this string contains ANSI escape sequences";
NSAttributedString *attrStr = [ansiEscapeHelper
[[nsTextViewInstance textStorage] setAttributedString:attrStr];

// get an ANSI-escaped string from a text view:
NSAttributedString *attrStr = [nsTextViewInstance textStorage];
NSString *ansiEscapedStr = [ansiEscapeHelper

Check out the GitWeb repository browser (see below) if you want to get the code and be informed of new developments (I'll add new tags for any new versions that seem stable). If you fix something in this code or use it in your software, please let me know. Thanks.

Source code is available in a Git repository (click here to show/hide):

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cd ~/mycode
git clone https://github.com/ali-rantakari/ansiEscapeHelper

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