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This is a small command-line program for OS X that pretty-prints out contents of compiled AppleScript (.scpt) files using ANSI escape sequences.

This is what its output looks like:



Here's the usage info of this program (run it without any arguments to see this):

usage: asprint [-fts] <file>

  Prints out the contents of a compiled AppleScript file
  in color.


  -f        Don't use ANSI escape sequences for
            formatting the output.
  -t        Don't replace tabs with spaces.
  -s <NUM>  Use <NUM> spaces to replace a tab.

Version 0.5.0
Copyright (c) 2009-2010 Ali Rantakari, http://hasseg.org/

Source code is available in a Git repository (click here to show/hide):

Latest Version:

Version 0.5.0      →    Download
March 03, 2010


  • Initial release.
Latest Version (0.5.0):

Copyright © 2009-2010 Ali Rantakari