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CalStoreHelper is a Python class that lets you easily get events and tasks from the OS X calendar store.

If you'd like to get your calendar data in a custom format that icalBuddy can't produce, I suggest you take this class and write a small script to produce the kind of output you'd like. Small examples on how to output events and tasks in HTML, (La)TeX and CSV formats are provided.

You can read the API documentation here.

Here's a quick and simple example of how you'd most likely want to use this class:

import datetime
from CalStoreHelper import *
from CalendarStore import *

start_date = datetime.datetime.now()
end_date = start_date + datetime.timedelta(days=10)

c = CalStoreHelper()
events = c.getEvents(['Home', 'Work'], start_date, end_date)

for event in events:
    print event.calendar().title(), ':', event.title()

Check out the HGWeb repository browser (see below) if you want to get the code and be informed of new developments (I'll add new tags for any new versions that seem stable). If you fix something in this code or use it in your software, please let me know. Thanks.

Source code is available in a Mercurial repository (click here to show/hide):

Repository URL:

Repository web page:

cd ~/mycode
hg clone //hasseg.org/hgweb/calStoreHelper/

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