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TagLists is a small application for OS X that allows you to quickly see which files you've tagged with particular tags. Here are two screenshots:


It uses the OpenMeta tagging system, which means that it finds files that have been tagged with any of the applications that support OpenMeta.


Regular tag searches

Regular tag searches (i.e. when the "advanced mode" checkbox is not selected) will simply find you all the files that are each tagged with all of the tags that you specify. For example, if you need to match files that have the tags work and todo, you would simply type in both of these tags:


Advanced mode tag searches

By checking the "advanced mode" checkbox when editing tag searches, you can use arbitrary boolean expressions in the search query. The following operators are available:

If you need to match tags that contain any of the characters used in the above boolean operators (or a backslash), you'll need to escape these characters with a backslash. So for example, if you need to match files that have the tags back\slash and bonnie&clyde, the query would look like this: back\\slash && bonnie\&clyde

Here's an example in a few screenshots:


Known Issues

Source code is available in a Git repository (click here to show/hide):

Latest Version:

Version 0.7.2      →    Download
July 13, 2010


  • Searching network drives has been fixed. (Note that I haven't been able to test this myself so thanks goes to Christoph Freitag for testing this build and reporting that it works.)

Older Versions:

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Latest Version (0.7.2):

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